What is the purpose of wok and how to choose it correctly?

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A wok is a versatile cookware that can almost completely replace most modern kitchen utensils. Dishes prepared in this way are characterized by special taste and a pleasant look. Among the features of the dishes prepared in the wok are the following:

  • A small amount of fat — one tablespoon of sunflower oil is enough for cooking, which allows you to eliminate unnecessary calories;
  • Benefit — food is steamed at a high speed, so the dish does not have time to lose its beneficial properties, as it happens during frying or cooking;
  • Unusual taste — all dishes are characterized by a spicy aroma and pleasant taste compared to traditional cooking methods.

How to make the right choice from a wide variety of Yosukata woks on https://yosukata.com/? First, decide what you need a wok for, then consider the below parameters:

1) Weight and size

The weight of the pan is important. For example, in a cast-iron skillet, it will be quite difficult to toss food. This is worth considering. The size depends on the number of servings you plan to cook at one time. There is no point in taking a too large wok if you cook only for yourself and not too often. For one or two people, the optimal pan diameter is 15-28 cm. For a company of three or more people, you can buy a wok from 30 cm in diameter.

2) Bottom and walls

The bottom determines how well the cookware heats up and how quickly the heat is distributed. In a frying pan with a thick bottom, there is less risk of food burning. The same can be said about the walls. Thin-walled skillets heat up quickly. Therefore, it is better to cook on a stove with a controlled heat supply. Thick walls are warmed up more evenly.

The material determines the basic characteristics of the frying pan. Is it possible to cook on induction cookers, use a metal scoop, or wash it in a dishwasher — all this should be considered before buying. It is also believed that the heavier the cookware, the longer its service life.

3) Handles

A wok can have one or two handles. They should be durable and comfortable. This is especially important for heavy cookware such as cast iron. For large pans, two handles are desirable. Then the woks can be lifted with both hands, and it is convenient to stir the food in them during cooking. It is better when one of the handles is long, then you can learn all the secrets of cooking in this dish.

Handles are usually designed to withstand heat, however, they can get hot over an open fire. The convenience of a frying pan depends on the material from which it is made.

In conclusion

There are special types of cookware designed for fires and gas stoves. They allow you to cook a wide variety of dishes — from vegetables to meat or fish. In this case, you should carefully choose such pans and follow the recommendations for their usage.