What Happened When We Recreated Recipes From Paris Hilton’s Netflix Cooking Show!



b*tch can cook.” ~ P. Hilton


doesn’t claim to be a 5-star chef. In fact, she
embraces not being anywhere near a professional chef. Her Netflix
series “Cooking With Paris” proves that not only can any b*tch
cook, but any b*tch can proudly be their authentic selves and stay
true to their brand while in the kitchen, even if they don’t know
what a whisk is. We were hooked from the first episode.




inspiration struck.


I was moved
to recreate some of Queen Hilton’s iconic and glitter-fied recipes.
Is my kitchen as nice or fancy? Nope. Do I own a set of
Swarovski-encrusted cooking utensils? That’s a negative. BUT I do
have Paris’s spirit and the general knowledge of how a blender
works, which is more than enough. With the power of Paris and God
on my side, I began my culinary journey.


Getting Started

In her
original “Cooking With Paris” segment on her Youtube channel, Paris is aided by her
chihuahua Diamond Baby (who is wearing a Chanel apron) in the
kitchen. Not to be outdone, I enlisted the help of my own dog,
Francine Louise, who is serving Paris in Episode 4-inspired
realness with her custom-made apron. We are ready.



Frosted Flakes French

Much like
Paris, I too believe that breakfast cereal is a major food group.
When Paris first introduced us to her Frosted Flakes-encrusted
French toast recipe in Episode 1, I knew in my heart of hearts that
I needed to make it. She and guest chef Kim
stayed pretty basic when it came to the egg
mixture to dip the bread in, so that part was smooth sailing. After
Kim almost broke a tooth on a rock-hard broiled flake, though, I
decided to garnish my French toast with Frosted Flakes afterward
instead of cooking them into the French toast. I did this because
(a) the bread cooks faster and more evenly without the flakes, and
(b) I cannot afford the dental work that Kim can. Other than that,
I killed it, you guys. Just look at her.



Vegan Burger & Fries and

In Episode 3, Nikki Glaser helps Paris make a classic Burger and
Fries combo (with a milkshake, of course). The challenge? It all
has to be vegan. I decided to take on this recipe and take it a
step further even; I’d make everything vegan and as healthy as
possible because (a) I’m better than everyone, and (b) I have
crippling IBS. Paris loves her McDonald’s french fries, but I opted
for sweet potato fries instead, as well as a whole grain bun. The
meal ended on a sweet note with a vanilla shake in a wine glass
because it’s the fanciest cup I own.




Loves it.


“Cooking With
Paris” is now streaming on Netflix!