Vegetarian soup recipes that will hug you this winter

A bowl of vegetarian soup is winter’s equivalent of summer’s salad. It’s a welcome way to fill up on nourishing veggies while you treat your taste buds. As any parent will tell you, it’s also a welcome way to disguise said veggies and get children filling up on all that goodness, none the wiser.

This is possibly why every culture in every corner of the globe has its own take on a classic vego soup. Well, the kid-friendly thing combined with the budget-friendly, cook-friendly, pressed-for-time friendly things, too.

Dip your spoon into a bowl of one of these soups, or all of these soups. After all, soup is very good and winter is very long.

Simply Spanish

On the Spanish island of Menorca, they’ve been making humble oliaigua amb tomatiga for generations. The name means oil with tomato, and that pretty much sums up what this simple vegan soup is about. Just add in perfectly fresh onions, garlic and green capsicums and you’re almost there.

Umami wins

Miso soup is surely the queen of the ‘quick meal’? Certainly, it is in Japan. Once you’ve made the miso broth, you can really add in anything tasty that you have on hand. In this version, soba noodles, choy sum, asparagus and tofu make for a well-rounded meal.

Middle Eastern marvel

Nothing feels more wholesome in winter than tucking into turmeric lentil soup. It’s the ingredient equivalent of serving up a bowl of sunshine.

Vietnamese classic

The secret to good pho is all in the broth, and the secret to a good vegetarian broth is… Vegemite. It’s true! The black, sticky stuff provides just the right amount of salty, umami base to make a vegetarian pho really hit the high notes.

Syrian comforter

Most Syrian households will have their own version of tlokhe, but all of them will be cheap to make. It’s the noodle dish born out of financial hardship following the revolution that stuck around because it tastes so good.

Zuppo Italiano

While it was tempting to feature minestrone as the main Italian vego soup, it just wasn’t possible to side line a Julia Busuttil Nishimura offering. Her spiced lentil soup makes a worthy representative.

Moroccan to the max

This flavoursome lentil soup is surprisingly light on the spices. Instead, fresh chilli and coriander do the heavy lifting to create a well-balanced, exceptionally tasty soup.

Bosnian reboot

A vegetarian take on a classic spice-laden čorba, the soup or stew made with pantry ingredients across the Balkans and beyond. The spices added to čorba all have thermogenic and antioxidant properties, making it the ultimate reboot on a cold winter’s night.

Chinese champ

Is a congee a soup? Or a porridge? Or maybe it’s both. For the purposes of sharing amazing vego soup recipes, consider this one a soup! This is what nourishing breakfasts are all about.

Mexican ‘mato

Tomato soup has always been a winter staple and it’s even better made with plenty of heat. Chipotle chilli in adobo is the special ingredient – with the emphasis on special. This is extra-good fare, especially when served with the toasted cheesy fingers.

French finish

A vego soup list without French onion soup wouldn’t be a list at all. This classic dish started as a cheap rural dish made with an onion bulb, water and stale bread. It’s ended up much refined and on the menu of the finest restaurants in Paris, and, of course, on your table at home.


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