This Wedding Menu Card From The 90s Is Making Internet Nostalgic (See Pic)

Weddings in India have evolved over the years. From décor to bridal makeup – every aspect of a big fat Indian wedding has upgraded and got yet more stylish and fashionable. Another part of the weddings that evolved to a great extent is the food section. Today, at every reception party, we find a meal buffet offering an extensive range of delicacies – from chaat and noodles to biryani, chicken curry and more. Options are many and we help ourselves with whatever we feel like eating. But it was not the same during the 90s. In those days, proper dining arrangements were made, where people used to serve guests in batches. And most importantly, dishes were restricted and a menu card was given before beginning the meal. If you are a 90s kid, then you surely can relate to it!

While browsing Twitter, we recently came across a post that instantly evoked nostalgia for the 90s wedding scenario. A Twitter user named @SadMandalorian shared a picture of a menu card of a Bengali wedding that took place in 1990. “Omg my cousin found my parents’ wedding reception menu card,” the user wrote alongside.

As per the picture, the menu card had a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian section separately to cater to every guest’s preference. From dum aloo to veg cutlet and matar paneer – the veg card included several delicious vegetarian recipes. Meanwhile, the non-veg menu included chilli fish, chicken rezala, fish butter fry and more. And of course, both the meals ended with Bengali sweets, paan and ice cream. Much relatable menu card, right? Take a look at the post:

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Like us, the menu card took several Twitter users down memory lane. “Still this menu card is popular in an economic average Bengali marriage,” wrote one. Another person commented, “Non-veg population, of course, eating off both menus #winning.”

Do you too relate to this menu card like us? Let us know in the comments below.

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