This Is Actually The Healthiest Thing To Order At Burger King, According To Experts

With many fast food chains limiting or removing their salads options during Covid, the healthy menu items at these cheap food stops have been bleak. And while normal life is slowly starting to resume, restaurants like Burger King still remain a near-nutritional food desert without things like a grilled chicken salad to offer.

“Burger King has recently removed their grilled chicken dinner salads from the menu, but are still offering the small side salad,” nutritionist Lisa Richards, CNC, author of The Candida Diet tells us.

“Burger King’s menu is always changing and currently they do not offer a salad with un-breaded chicken, proving how unhealthy fast food chains are,” nutritionist Heather Hanks, MS, agrees. “In general, it’s always best to avoid fast food and make your own meals at home using organic meats and vegetables,” she continues.

But there is a bright spot–health experts say there *are* ways to navigate these menus if you’re being mindful about what you eat.

Side Salad & A Whopper With No Bun

If Burger King is your only option to eat this weekend, the one order that health experts universally agree is the best to order in lieu of a grilled chicken salad is a side salad and a Whopper with no bun.

“If you find yourself in a pinch and Burger King is your ONLY option, then I would order a side garden salad with NO dressing and a bun-less Whopper with no sauce,” Hanks advises. Interesting!

And she suggests being extra choosy with your topping options, as well. “Make sure to hold the bacon and cheese as you probably don’t need extra meat, and add on as many veggies as you can – lettuce, tomatoes, and onions,” she suggests. Good idea!

And if and when they start offering a salad with grilled (not crispy or breaded) chicken, then go with that instead. BK, are you listening to our pleas??