‘The Great Indian Foodie’ soaring food blog on Insta

In recent years, apart from destination and lifestyle bloggers, a new breed of bloggers has taken social media platforms by storm. Indeed, we are all aware of them and they are none other than ‘Food Bloggers’. These hungry individuals are always on the loom out for finger-licking good and unreal food from different parts of the world.

‘The Great Indian Foodie’ is one such page on Instagram that was started in 2016 by a creative and innovative guy Sukrit Jain from Haryana, India. By combining his marketing skills with his love and passion for food, Sukrit crafted a blog on Instagram that offers its followers a rare look at some of the most delicious foods from different parts of India. Whatever the cuisine is, you will find it on ‘The Great Indian Foodie’.

The focus of the blog is to bring forward the hidden delicacies and the places where they are found in the world. Sukrit, who started the ‘The Great Indian Foodie’ when he was in the second year of his college, has now managed to gain 319k followers on Instagram and has even worked with famous brands such as Pizza hut, Dominos, Taj Mahal Tea House, and so on.

He was also fortunate enough to appear as a guest speaker in his college, Amity University, and share the stage with influencers like Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, and many more at InfluencerCon 2019. If you are a passionate foodie, then be sure to follow ‘The Great Indian Foodie’.