The Different Types of Magnets and Their Uses

There’s a variety of magnets with a variety of uses, categorized by their magnetization. The different types of magnets and their uses will leave you astonished! Who knew that magnets had so many benefits and uses?

Types of Magnets

The different types of magnets and their uses range from the science field to the junkyard industry. In the junking sector, for example, cranes and industrial scrap magnets are excellent investments. They both use magnets to pick up stuff with a push of a button. Other common types of magnets we see daily are the magnets in our refrigerators, which keep the door closed. If you’ve ever wondered why the fridge closes after a bit of nudge, that’s why. Discover the various types of magnets below.


Made from soft materials that allow for malleability, temporary magnets stay magnetized for only short periods. Some examples of temporary magnets are paper clips and iron nails.