The 5 Most Popular Diets for Summer

Summer is here again and even if the winter that passed did not let you take care of your body as you would like, there is still time to find your form!

You should not exaggerate and strain your body, but find what suits you, try it, and always be open to new suggestions! For the hard days if you are looking for a break in between dieting you can check out new films at the movie theatres, casino or NetBet Sport sites, the boardgame arena website, new releases on Netflix, or some new music and video games.

When starting a new diet the best of all is to follow the advice of a dietitian, who will make the necessary measurements and personalized suggestions. In case such a thing is not possible, we present you the 5 most popular diets of the last years, based on the searches of users on the internet!

  1. Ketogenic diet (keto)

The ketogenic diet is the most popular in internet searches. It suggests consuming a large amount of fat (between 70 and 80{bd1a3fb8a267bf65dee3fa7bd5bef83d11dd7659b283768a0375222e95be74bd} of the daily caloric intake) and a significant reduction in carbohydrate intake.

In particular, they should represent less than 5{bd1a3fb8a267bf65dee3fa7bd5bef83d11dd7659b283768a0375222e95be74bd} of calorie intake (instead of the usual 50{bd1a3fb8a267bf65dee3fa7bd5bef83d11dd7659b283768a0375222e95be74bd}). Therefore, this diet consists mainly of fatty foods, proteins, and very few vegetables.

The ketogenic diet provides high satiety and relatively fast weight loss without losing muscle mass. However, health professionals recommend your attention.

People who apply it may suffer from fatigue, nausea, and headaches. They can also develop various deficiencies due to inadequate intake of certain foods.

Caution! Low-calorie diets can be detrimental to your health. It is therefore advisable to follow this diet for a short time and consult a specialist before starting.

  1. Weight Watchers (WW)

Weight Watchers is the second most popular diet in the world with 1,600,000 worldwide internet searches per month. This diet helps you lose weight by considering your age, weight, height, and gender.

It is quite simple to follow, it has the advantage that it does not prohibit any food and also helps to learn to eat healthily. Health professionals even praise the balance of its menus.

  1. Dukan diet

The Dukan diet also attracts the interest of people who want to lose weight. This term is even typed in search engines 535,000 times a month on average worldwide.

This diet is recommended to lose a lot of weight, focusing on a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. According to its inspirer, Dr. Dukan, the restriction of carbohydrates helps to prevent the storage of fat from insulin secretion, while also creating the basis for lifelong maintenance of weight.

The theory of the Dukan diet is based on 4 stages:

 1st stage (attack): purely protein diet.

 2nd stage (cruise): alternating pure protein with protein and vegetables.

 3rd stage (preservation): some other categories of food (fruit, bread, cheese, etc.) are included.

 4th stage (maintenance): aims at the lifelong maintenance of your weight.

  1. Intermittent fasting

It is the third most popular diet in the world, with about 1,100,000 monthly internet searches. This diet is associated with abstinence from food for shorter or longer periods.

For example, one is allowed to eat for 8 hours a day and for the remaining 16 hours, one can drink only liquids.

On the other hand, it is recommended to follow a very low-calorie diet for two days and then eat what you want for the rest of the week.

Intermittent fasting allows you to control the total calories consumed without having to exclude whole food groups.

This program is not recommended for the elderly, pregnant women, and children.

  1. The Sirtfood diet

Followers of this diet are advised to consume foods rich in sirtuins, which promote lipolysis and antioxidants.

However, the main reason for rapid weight loss is the large reduction in daily calories. It is considered to be the diet that activates the “lean gene” of yourself.

For the first three days, you get 1,000 calories a day compared to the 1,800 calories you would normally get (three green juices a day and one meal). The calorie intake is then increased to 1,500 calories for the remaining 4 days.

And these were the 5 most googled diets and most popular choices. All of them have some scientific backup and dietitians and even doctors do recommend these ones as well. Remember though that not every diet works for everyone and at all stages of one’s life. Seek advice from a dietitian and your doctor in order to ensure your health and safety at all stages and maximize your chances of success. In cases of any illness such as diabetes or in case of pregnancy always consult with your doctor. A good thing to check with your dietitian too is any potential intolerance you may have. This way they can provide you with a perfectly customized and personalized plan that would work the best especially for you. This way you can avoid unnecessary bloating and other discomfort or inconvenience.

Whenever you make a mistake during the diet, be forgiving and gentle to yourself and continue from where you were left. Dieting works best when being consistent, but we are only human after all, and everyone can get carried away for a second. Also, remember health and happiness comes first and every body is a hot summer body.