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Welcome to Ellie’s Dairy-free Kitchen | Features

Marketing manager by day, lactose-intolerant food blogger at lunch and dinner. Meet Traverse City-based Instagram food guru, Ellie Kebler.
By Ross Boissoneau | Aug. 14, 2021

While living in the nation’s capital and finishing her master’s degree from Georgetown University, Ellie Kebler had an idea.

She would leave Washington, D.C., move to a place she’d never been before and, while working full-time at a law firm, write about food.  

Her big lifestyle change wasn’t a whim. It was, in part, a logical response to the rest of the world turning upside down. “When COVID hit, I needed a creative

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Baskin-Robbins’ Unveils Another Dairy-Free Ice Cream Flavor

Ice cream giant Baskin-Robbins is releasing another dairy-free flavor across its 2,500 nationwide locations. The cold treat chain has developed another oat milk-based flavor, joining its growing list of vegan ice creams. The new Non-Dairy Salted Fudge Bar flavor features a creamy salted dark chocolate oat milk base mixed with fudge pieces and smooth fudge ribbons. With plant-based dairy rising in popularity, the popular ice cream establishment has taken strides to expand its vegan ice cream selection.

“Each bite of this rich flavor packs a punch of indulgence with melt-in-your-mouth creaminess from the oat milk-base that makes it the greatest

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