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Storms cut power for more than 225K customers, We Energies says

Residents across southeast Wisconsin are beginning the cleanup process after severe storms rolled through the area. Storms moved through again Wednesday evening, but so far have been far less destructive than the previous night.


Here are live updates as cities clean up:

9:30 p.m. — Peak of more than 225,000 customers without power: We Energies

We Energies now estimates more than 225,000 customers had power cut off due to severe storms Tuesday night.

The company said in a statement Wednesday that they have since restored power to more than 140,000 customers.

“As outages reports have come in throughout the

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This Taco Bell Food Caused Permanent Paralysis, Customers Claim in New Lawsuit

Truth be told, the majority of items on fast-food menus aren’t great for your health. But even if you do indulge in an occasional guilty pleasure, you likely wouldn’t expect that a stop at the drive-thru could prompt a potentially life-altering illness. One woman claims that she experienced every fast-food fan’s worst nightmare after ordering a tainted dish at Taco Bell, which allegedly left her paralyzed with a rare disorder.

Law360 reports that Wanda Shadix and her husband, Sherrel, have filed a legal complaint in Georgia state court over a series of events that allegedly transpired after they stopped

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Food workers discuss pandemic confrontations, angry customers

The restaurant industry has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic: Tens of thousands of establishments have closed permanently, and more have struggled to keep their doors open.

While many COVID-19 related restrictions have been removed in the United States, making it possible for restaurants to operate with some degree of normalcy, many issues remain: Limited menus, disrupted supply chains, and staffing shortages mean servers are doing more work than usual, while also trying to stay safe from the virus.

“We’ve all seen these viral videos of servers being assaulted or yelled at by customers who are upset about masks or

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