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HYDERABAD:  Food and the immunity we derive from it have been in focus during the Covid-19 pandemic. People are becoming more conscious of their diet, the nutrients and vitamins they consume and their benefits. An often neglected aspect of cooking is the utensils we use. 

We are all used to cooking in the non-sick cookware and other steel bowls, but have you tried cooking in a clay pot? Food becomes even more delicious and nutritious when prepared in earthen cookware, say sellers. Moumita Paul, from Essential Traditions by Kayal, tells us why people have been choosing earthen cookware over regular utensils. “People have become more concerned with how they cook their food. In clay utensils, you need to cook the food on a low flame,  which usually ensures that all the nutrients are retained in your food. All our products are made with red clay. We sell gravy pots, biryani handis, plates, glasses and storage pots, among others.”

Teflon-coated and aluminum utensils are not good for health due to the chemicals mixed in them, says Sujatha Stephen, Chief Nutritionist at Yashoda Hospitals. With no metal coating, earthen cookware retains the aroma as well as the nutrients of the food. “But if the earthen cookware is not washed properly, there might be a possibility of fungus forming inside them. But there are no major issues with them, says Sujatha. “We have been using earthen cookware for decades now. Earthen cookware will ensure all the iron and minerals remain in the food as they are cooked in low flame. The food cooked in these cookware are beneficial for our body,” she adds. 

As opposed to the common notion, earthen cookware is durable, and easy to maintain, says G Sudhakar, who sells earthen cookware inside Shilparamam. “Due to the modern kitchen, most of us have forgotten how to use earthen cookware. They are durable and really easy to maintain. Most of us think earthen cookware need high maintenance and require too much time to cook. But this is just a myth. They can be easily washed and they do not take too much time to cook. As you take care of the daily vessels, these also need the same attention. Most importantly, the food you cook in them gets the flavour of the pot. Food cooked in these dishes certainly taste better,” he says.

How to care for earthenware

Wash them with lime or a soap that has lime in it

Cook food on low flame

Make sure you add everything that you want to cook in the pot and let it cook slowly