Pellston Schools Hires Nutritionist to Switch Up Lunch Menu

Amy Beach is a long-time nutritionist who hopes to bring a culture of healthy eating to Pellston Schools.

She was recently hired to assist the food program with providing fresh food to the students.

“Our culture is one of this westernized diet where we want everything fast, we want everything convenient and even parents who want to feed their kids healthier struggle sometimes just because of time constraints and maybe knowing what to feed them,” she said.

There are a few changes Beach would like to make to the current menu, like removing pizza from the daily options.

“What I would like to see is chocolate milk off the menus every single day, but more of a treat,” she said. “Reduce the amount of sugar that we’re giving the kids in a day and reduce the amount of processed foods and prepackaged foods and just get back to some home cooking.”

“The mission of Pellston Public Schools is to aid in our student’s healthy minds and bodies,” said Tammy Vanantwerp, principal of Pellston Elementary School. “The addition of Mrs. Beach to our programs to help with implementation of nutrition and the education of nutrition is going to come back to our students for a lifelong healthy living style.”

Superintendent Stephen Seelye said Beach has already started reaching out to the local farms to see what’s available and who’s willing to work with the school. “Just had a conversation with her that she’s going to be purchasing carrots and potatoes from a local farmer in Cheboygan,” he said. “That makes me very excited.”

Beach and the school will also use produce grown by students in their own hoop house.