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Are you ready for hot temps, sunny days, and a little more freedom this summer? A new season is upon us and if you’re not fully ready to kick it off right, we can help you out. Don’t go into Memorial Day Weekend without the essential items, some that are even price-dropped for a very limited time only! Here we have 10

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20 vegetarian dishes from each of Italy’s 20 regions

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Vegetarian dishes from Italy are as diverse as the country’s 20 regions, which are laden with quality produce.

The variety and calibre of vegetarian food in Italy has led it to become sought after around the world.

Here is a vegetarian dish from each of Italy’s regions for you to consider for your next meal.


Ciabotto Abruzzese is a simple summer vegetable stew. It mixes sautéed spring vegetables like zucchini, potatoes,

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Hoboken + Jersey City Restaurants With Vegan + Gluten-Free Menu Items

Despite the fact that many restaurants are offering vegan and/or gluten-free options these days, ordering food is still not easy for those who follow either diet – or both. Many can recount at least one funny anecdote of having to choose between the only two not-so-appealing vegan and gluten-free items on a restaurant menu. But following a vegan and/or gluten-free regimen doesn’t have to mean limited choices or compromised taste. Here we have rounded up a list of vegan – or at least mostly vegan restaurants in North Jersey that also offer sizable gluten-free options. Read on to discover Hoboken

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Mira Kapoor recommends four cookbooks for ‘short, flavourful’ vegetarian recipes

Mira Kapoor enjoys cooking, and we have got glimpses of her culinary achievements many times on social media. But more than following recipes to a T, she prefers spontaneous experiments with her dishes, the 26-year-old expressed in a recent Instagram post.

Mira wrote, “…love to cook instinctively, quickly and with minimal reading. Normally I glance through a recipe and come up with my own version because often the ingredients are not locally available and more so because I lack the patience for long, measurement bound recipes,” adding that was the reason she gave up baking.

Talking about cookbooks, she

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Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: ‘Breaking Brad’

Mythic Quest

“Breaking Brad”

Season 2

Episode 4

Editor’s Rating

4 stars

Photo: Apple TV+

Brad is the closest Mythic Quest has to a villain. He’s the soulless money guy, the cool, ruthless schemer with no interest in nerdy fantasy games besides how they can make him money. Back in “Everlight,” he competed in a LARP battle solely because winning meant he could do away with a dorky but harmless tradition. When he (temporarily) succeeded, he even said, “I guess sometimes evil wins.” But last episode showed Brad actually being altruistic for once, helping David land

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Indiana woman pays for stranger’s birthday cake in honor of late son: ‘Make special memories and hug your children’

(NEXSTAR) – Toni Wilson-Taylor lost her son five years ago, but that didn’t stop her from planning a sweet surprise for his May 16 birthday — a surprise that has since touched the hearts of thousands across the country.

Wilson-Taylor, from Plainfield, Indiana, woke up on May 16 with plans to purchase a birthday cake for a stranger in honor of her late son Tyler. So she called up her local Kroger supermarket, arranged to pay

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