New, ad-free, Racine-based recipe-sharing app to launch by end of 2021 | Local News

A draft of what the Reciple app could look like on a tablet is shown here.

RACINE — When the pandemic hit, Annie Singer cut a 3-hour commute from her daily schedule. It left her with more time to take on cooking.

Like many novice home chefs, Singer turned to food blogs to find her favorite recipes. But she found herself frustrated by advertisements. The pop-ups bogged down websites, keeping her from efficiently reading recipes.

“I just had a longing wish of, ‘Why doesn’t this exist?’” Singer said.

To ease this frustration, Singer is launching a new app, Reciple.

Reciple — a combination of the words “recipe” and “simply” — is an ad-free recipe platform that aims to not only provide a smoother experience for the aspiring chef, but also aims to pay its food bloggers/creators fairly.

The app is funded by user subscriptions and is expected to launch to those on its waitlist before the end of the year.

Annie Singer


User and creator friendly


A food blog entry is typically comprised of two key elements. First, the blog entry itself is usually a story behind the recipe personal to the writer, the origins of the recipe or any techniques the blogger wants to share with the reader. After that, the recipe is further down and often disrupted by advertisements.

Reciple flips those elements. The recipe is first, making it easier for readers to access it. The blog entry follows in a clean, easily scrollable layout.

“So, whenever I’m cooking, I can come back to it,” Singer said of the blog entry being after the recipe. “The approach is to give the user the best experience.”

Food bloggers, however, are also prioritized in Reciple’s business model, Singer said.

72{bd1a3fb8a267bf65dee3fa7bd5bef83d11dd7659b283768a0375222e95be74bd} of creators feel like they’re not being paid fairly by other platforms. As Forbes reported, only about 3{bd1a3fb8a267bf65dee3fa7bd5bef83d11dd7659b283768a0375222e95be74bd} of some 50 million content creators on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitch are paid anything.

According to the Huffington Post, in 2020, professional food bloggers make anywhere from $500 to $2,500 per sponsored recipe. Sometimes a blogger can make up to $10,000 on a recipe, depending on who is sponsoring them. Back in 2011, the rate was around $250 to $600, according to food blogger Dianne Jacob, who started her blog in 2009.

“Creators are not only spending a lot of time and energy to develop and share their recipes, but they are also sharing their culture and history with us, all for very little reward,” Singer said. “Reciple is the first platform that directly pays small creators to use their work in an ad-free format, allowing them to focus only on the parts of creating that they love.”

Reciple on a phone

Drafts of what the Reciple app could look like on a smartphone are shown here.

Reciple also hopes to give small, up-and-coming food bloggers a spotlight. Singer left a job in marketing and search engine optimization to start Reciple, so she’s aware of how smaller, newer creators struggle with getting their name out there.

“We want to allow for (bloggers) to break through,” Singer said.

Singer said she has been able to connect with food bloggers internationally, but also locally, as close as Milwaukee. There is currently a link on the Reciple website for those who want to participate as a food blogger.

In the future, she wants to be able to open the app to do some local networking and even add a social media element to it, allowing users to like and comment on their favorite recipes.

Visit for more information on Reciple.