Mira Kapoor recommends four cookbooks for ‘short, flavourful’ vegetarian recipes

Mira Kapoor enjoys cooking, and we have got glimpses of her culinary achievements many times on social media. But more than following recipes to a T, she prefers spontaneous experiments with her dishes, the 26-year-old expressed in a recent Instagram post.

Mira wrote, “…love to cook instinctively, quickly and with minimal reading. Normally I glance through a recipe and come up with my own version because often the ingredients are not locally available and more so because I lack the patience for long, measurement bound recipes,” adding that was the reason she gave up baking.

Talking about cookbooks, she said she was disappointed with the available vegetarian cookbooks (being vegetarian herself) until recently before coming across four such books that could “speak to the cook I am”. “Short flavourful recipes that put vegetables and good produce front and centre, diverse enough to have varied menus and appropriately simple to follow and be inventive with,” she noted while describing these books.

Here are the four cookbooks she recommended for vegetarian recipes:

*Simple by Yotam Ottolenghi
*Fresh India by Meera Sodha
*Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi
*The Complete Vegan Cookbook by Chloe Coscarelli

For Mira, cooking is about “is about having fun, connecting with oneself, and having shared memories around the table”, she said.

“The world is moving towards being more plant-based and it’s not just about vegan cheese and meat substitutes, but about honouring each vegetable and fruit, enjoying it for its inherent flavour and having fun with it in spontaneous ways,” Mira added.

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