Make stuffed portobello mushrooms then use the leftovers in pasta

Eating meatless doesn’t have to be just for Monday. Ali Rosen, author of the upcoming “Modern Freezer Meals,” is joining TODAY to keep the vegetarian vibes going all week long with her easy make-ahead portobello mushroom recipes. She shows us how to make goat cheese- and spinach-stuffed portobello mushroom caps and uses the leftovers to make a quick and easy portobello pasta.

Noah Fecks

This recipe achieves that wonderful double bonus of being quick to make and quick to reheat. Portobellos are filling while also fulfilling any dietary restrictions; they cook quickly and add a meaty flavor without being obtrusive; and, lesser known, they hold up in the freezer like a dream. You can heat these up as a quick vegetarian side or have them as an entire meal. Either way, you’ll have something delicious on the table in minutes.

Portobello and Goat Cheese Pasta

Ali Rosen

This recipe takes a prepped meal and turns into an entirely new one — a creamy pasta that packs in the filling veggies. Eat it hot or serve at room temperature for a summer picnic. Either way, its simplicity makes it a constant go-to.

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