Learn how to make vegetarian Persian dishes, in support of Vancouver’s Dr. Peter Centre

Here’s an opportunity to learn how to make some traditional Persian dishes while supporting people in need. 

In My Kitchen founder Paula Mohammed will be joined by a home cook from Rasht, Iran, who will share stories from her cultural and culinary background as well as her recipes for Iranian cuisine.

The vegetarian menu will include mirzaghasemi (eggplant and tomato stew or dip), a traditional dip from Northern Iran and the Caspian Sea region.

There will also be a lesson about how to make kuku sabzi (herb frittata), which is a traditional Persian frittata with greens and eggs and can be paired with feta cheese and walnut. 

A Taste of Rasht, Iran, with Leila will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Monday (June 14) and tickets ($25) are available online

All proceeds from the event go directly to the Dr. Peter Centre, which provides care for people with HIV and AIDS in Vancouver’s West End. 

In My Kitchen founder Paula Mohammed will host a conversation with home cook Leila from Rasht, Iran.

There’s also another food-related fundraiser for the Dr. Peter Centre with the At-Home Pride Cocktail Kickoff on July 22. Guests can either attend a cooking demonstration or just opt for a cocktails and canapés kit, both courtesy of the Lazy Gourmet. For more details, see this article. 

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