Kitchen hacks: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor shares tips to use iron cookware

Iron cookware is a quintessential part of every Indian kitchen. It is widely believed that there are several health benefits associated with cooking in iron utensils. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar had earlier said that it is advisable to cook food in iron vessels “as it helps fight iron deficiency or anaemia. Iron gets mixed with the food being cooked, making it a healthy meal. It is also good for health as it uses less oil for cooking.”

However, there are certain things one must keep in mind before cooking in iron cookware. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor recently shared a list of essential dos and don’ts one must follow while using iron utensils for cooking.

“Here are some do’s and don’ts to cook in iron cookware. Make a note of them and be a smarter cook from now on!” he captioned the post. Take a look.

Ways to use iron kadhai

*Never add lemon juice or anything citric or acidic when cooking in an iron vessel as it may add a metallic flavour to the final product.

*Once the food is prepared in an iron vessel, never let it sit in it. Immediately transfer it to a bowl. This helps in preventing the food from turning black.

Seasoning iron tawa

“It is very important to season iron tawa as the batter will stick on an unseasoned tawa,” the chef said.

*Dip an onion half in oil and apply it over the tawa. Let it heat up. The tawa is now seasoned.

*You could also use a muslin cloth instead of onion. Apply the oil over the iron tawa using muslin oil and let the tawa heat up.