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Not everyone has a kitchen with a lot of storage and individual pantries, cupboards, storing places, etc to maintain an organized kitchen. One way to make space is to take out everything stored in the kitchen and discard things that you don’t use anymore. However, that is a time-consuming exercise. Refer to the guide below to know some easy tricks to keep the kitchen organized.

It is difficult to fit appliances, food items, pantries, dinnerware, cookware, cutlery, cutting boards, food wraps, and several other things into a small kitchen. If you are tired of your overflowing drawers, cupboards and things just always fall in your kitchen then refer to this guide.

  • Organize everyday use utensils
  • Store spice and food items in airtight boxes
  • Kitchen Wall Self for easy use
  • Get a fridge mounted organizer


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Step 1: Start with organizing everyday utensils

The first thing that you need to do while organizing your kitchen is to segregate and place the utensils used every day. It is important to segregate them because of the frequency of use and for easy access while serving. A wall mount shelf that can hold clean utensils and let dripping water from the utensils flow to the sink is an ideal fit for a kitchen.

This wall shelf can adjust 60 plates and bowls including everyday cookware. Since it is corrosion-resistant, you can place wet utensils and let them dry on the rack. Stainless steel body ensures that the rack can handle the weight of several heavy utensils. This is an ideal fit for a kitchen and lets the water drip down the sink. Place everyday plates, bowls, spoons, cookware for ease of working in the kitchen and serving food.

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Step 2: Store spice and food items in airtight boxes

Airtight boxes are a lifeline in a kitchen where you need to store various spices in large quantities. Airtight boxes ensure that pulses, spices, herbs do not come in contact with moisture and keep them in good condition for use. Not only that, airtight boxes remove the need to individually store spices. They can be easily cleaned at home and used for storing other food items.

These containers have easy to open and close plastic lids. The lid design ensures that the flavor remains intact and inside the box. The box is made up of plastic and is airtight to preserve the natural state of spices, pulses, and herbs. These boxes ensure that food items are safe from any rodent or cockroach attacks. Since the boxes are easy to open and use, they can be easily cleaned and used for storing other things such as dry fruits, pre-ready mixes, and much more.

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Step 3: Kitchen Wall Self for easy use

Instead of loading everything in drawers and cupboards, use a wall hanging shelf to place items that you think will be used every day such as tea and coffee containers, cooking oil bottles, regular spices, and much more. Drawers and cupboards may offer you limited space but you have a lot of space on the walls to store things with wall mounting shelves.

This is a natural wood-made shelf with fine wood finishing to add to the look and feel of your kitchen. While it may add to the aesthetics of the kitchen, it is super hand and practical to store things. This can store items varying in size, number, and shape. Use this to store containers, seldom used dinnerware and cookware, and tea and coffee containers.

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Step 4: Organize cutlery

The most used part of kitchenware is cutlery that includes everything from spoons to soup spoons, forks, and much more. It is easy to lose your cutlery if it is not stored properly and organized well. A cutlery organizer is of the best help here as it not only stores cutlery but also keeps them from missing and getting dirty.

Get this organizer to keep all your cutlery organized and clean. This protects the used surfaces of spoons and forks from rodents and cockroaches. It can easily fit in narrow drawers. It can also store cooking spoons and special dinnerware spoons.

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Step 5: Get a fridge mounted organizer

Fridge mounted organizers are best for organizing things such as tin foils, kitchen cloths, and napkins. Since these are light items they can be easily organized on the side of the refrigerator without causing any damage to the appliances.

You can save home and kitchen space with this multipurpose magnetic side rack that can accommodate almost anything you leave on your kitchen/home counter. The magnetic mounting ensures no nailing, drilling to place the organizer. It is a heavy-duty material and can be also used in bathrooms and living rooms. It has multiple racks to let you store clothes, foils, and much more

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Other FAQs

  1. Where should I store my glasses?
    All glasses should be stored in nice, modern-looking glass closets to give a modern look to your kitchen.
  2. Can I store things on the top of the refrigerator?
    Yes, you can keep small things on top of the refrigerator. Ensure to not keep any hot surfaces on the top
  3. What should I do if I have extra space in the kitchen?
    If you have extra space in the kitchen, keep it covered and ready for use if you have to store more things.

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