Dole Launches New Princess Quiz, Sticker Storybook and More as Part of Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration

In partnership with Disney and in celebration of the Ultimate Princess Celebration, Dole has introduced new recipes and online interactives inspired by the Disney Princesses!

What’s Happening: 

  • Dole Food Company is making it easy for Disney Princess fans to celebrate their favorite heroines with the release of wellness-themed interactives and seven new Princess-specific vegetarian recipes.
  • As part of its “A Recipe for Courage and Kindness” Dole has made the two excting interactives available free of charge on its campaign website:
  • Disney fans of all ages can participate in these fun activities that are inspired by the Disney Princesses.
  • Additionally, seven new entrée, side dish, salad, dessert and topping recipes were created by Dole’s Melanie Marcus, MA, RD.
  • The first series of recipes debuted in May and June and the final three will join the lineup on July 14th and 16th.
  • As previously announced Dole’s “A Recipe for Courage and Kindness” will continue through September 30, 2021 with:
    • Additional free downloads
      • Tea party placemat
      • Create-your-own tea party menu
      • Royalty certificate
      • Royal chef’s hat
    • Dedicated social media campaign
    • Blogger partnerships
    • Virtual tea party
    • Cooking class
  • Fans will also spot the first set of 47 collectible Disney Princess sticker designs on tens of millions of DOLE Bananas at supermarkets throughout the U.S. and Canada. A second set will be released in August!

Online Interactives:

Dole Peel & Play Sticker Storybook 

  • Assemble this charming, 16-page original storybook to collect and showcase the DOLE Banana stickers depicting the 12 Disney Princesses and their famous sidekicks.
  • Each character-specific page features spaces for that Disney Princesses’ unique sticker set, a Princess image waiting to be colored-in and an accompanying original recipe created by Dole.

What Disney Princess are You Most Like? Interactive Quiz

  • Find out which Disney Princess you are most like by answering 10 simple questions about favorite foods, pastimes, passions, ways of showing kindness and other choices in life.
  • In addition to receiving info on their paired Princess, participants are served up a Princess-specific Dole recipe and opportunities to share their results on Facebook and Twitter.



  • Bippity Boppity Banana Bites (Vegetarian, Low Fat, Low Sodium) – Golden angel food cake is crowned with DOLE Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries and grilled Cherries.


  • Magic Carpet Lemon Curd Cups (Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low Sodium):  DOLE Lemon curd cupcakes take flight with DOLE Raspberries, Pineapple and a light coconut whipped topping.
  • Agrabah Spiced Pineapple Jam (Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Vegan):  A palace-worthy topping of DOLE Pineapple, cinnamon and other spices.



  • Warrior Princess Pasta Salad (Vegetarian, Low Fat): Brown rice noodles are mixed with DOLE Broccoli, Carrots, Green Onions, baby corn and snow peas.
  • Dragon-Fired Sesame Tofu Bowls (Vegetarian, Vegan): Roasted tofu is scrambled with quinoa, DOLE Pineapple, Avocado, Green Onion and red bell pepper.


  • Golden Cheesecake Banana Bars (Vegetarian, Low Sodium):  Light cheesecake bars feature DOLE Bananas, graham crackers and vegan cream cheese spread over a magically golden crust.