Certified Piedmontese Dining for Charity donates $40k to 2,222 Inc.

LINCOLN, Neb., Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Certified Piedmontese donates $40k to 2,222 Inc. nonprofit in assist of military, military spouses, and veterans with transition, PTSD support, therapy, and education as part of the Guest Chef Series launched by Casa Bovina, Certified Piedmontese’s Italian-inspired fine-dining restaurant. Chef Andre Rush, former White House Chef, MSG (Ret) United States Army, and suicide prevention advocate, is the first guest chef to join the cause, July 23-24.

In the Guest Chef Series, Certified Piedmontese invites the nation’s foremost chefs to take over Casa Bovina and feature their own tasting menus. 100{bd1a3fb8a267bf65dee3fa7bd5bef83d11dd7659b283768a0375222e95be74bd} of the proceeds will go towards a charity of the chef’s choosing. Guests can support the cause by making reservations and enjoying an exquisite dining experience executed by a celebrity chef in collaboration with Casa Bovina.

“This experience at Casa Bovina was literally one of the highlights of my career,” said Chef Andre Rush.  I say this not only because the food was amazing but because of the people, service, and energy that exudes excellence. I am humbled that Certified Piedmontese would give such a generous gift. They strived to make it the perfect event for guests and also made sure that 2,222 Inc. was highlighted. I want to say thank you to Certified Piedmontese from the bottom of my heart, not only for the nonprofit but learning that there are truly compassionate people out there willing to help.”

The Guest Chef Series would continue throughout the year. “Certified Piedmontese looks to continue expanding this program as an opportunity to raise awareness while sustaining the foundations and nonprofit organizations that provide invaluable support to charitable purposes for the community,” said Shane Peed, CEO of Certified Piedmontese. 

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity in collaboration with Chef Rush to offer our support to charities of great causes around the country,” said Joe Finegan, Project Coordinator of Certified Piedmontese. “Our goal was to raise $25k through the event, and we surpassed our goal when we successfully raised $40k. The Lincoln community really stepped up in support of our military and veterans.”

2,222 Inc. is established to assist military, military spouses, and veterans with transition, PTSD support, therapy, and education. 2,222 Inc. has also taken on the battle to help children from all social divisions combat bullying and cyberbullying by gathering first responders, military, and influencers to help teach children essential and fundamental leadership skills, financial development, and life skills. Two thousand two hundred twenty-two push-ups are done daily for those that can’t, helping people realize other’s needs for motivation, inspiration, or just a simple acknowledgment of existence. 2,222 Inc. helps millions in an unorthodox way by raising suicide awareness and its prevention and with kids for bullying/cyberbullying.

About Casa Bovina: Casa Bovina is the destination fine-dining restaurant for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy exquisite Italian Inspired Cuisine paired with Real Nebraska Beef prepared by the Best Chefs in the Midwest. Reservations can be made at CasaBovina.com.

About Certified Piedmontese: Certified Piedmontese is a healthier beef option that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or tenderness. With fewer calories, less fat, and higher protein per ounce than beef from other breeds, it is an ideal source of lean protein for a healthy diet. Our Piedmontese cattle are raised responsibly on family ranches across the Midwest through a ranch-to-fork process that ensures traceability, environmental sustainability, humane animal handling.  All Certified Piedmontese beef is verified all-natural and raised without hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. This ensures healthier cattle and higher-quality beef for consumers. Learn more at Piedmontese.com.

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