Best Savannah GA restaurants for vegans, vegetarians

Gone is the era in Savannah when vegan diners had to settle for a soggy baked potato and a side salad with the cheese plucked out.

Veganism is on the upswing, with two all-vegan restaurants in operation and a third on the way. Plenty of other restaurants aren’t exclusively vegan but happily cater to those who eschew animal products.

Vegans, by the way, are vegetarians who not only don’t eat meat (yes, that includes chicken and fish), but also avoid eggs, milk, and milk products like cheese and ice cream. Some vegans don’t eat honey or yeast.

We asked the husband and wife team of Rachel and Scotty McDowell from Savannah Veggies and Vegans to give us their dining suggestions. McDowell, who works in IT at Savannah State University, is compiling a more comprehensive dining list for the group, which posts lots of vegan and vegetarian recipes, tips and meeting notices online at

The Hungry Vegan at 2 E. Lathrop Ave.

In the meantime, the McDowells shared their personal favorites. These are “places we’ve been to time and time again where we can always get a good vegan meal prepared by people who are knowledgeable and happy to accommodate,” as Rachel McDowell put it. In no particular order and with Rachel’s comments they are: 

321 Habersham St.

“100{bd1a3fb8a267bf65dee3fa7bd5bef83d11dd7659b283768a0375222e95be74bd} vegan, 100{bd1a3fb8a267bf65dee3fa7bd5bef83d11dd7659b283768a0375222e95be74bd} fabulous!”

2 E. Lathrop Ave.

“Savannah’s newest 100{bd1a3fb8a267bf65dee3fa7bd5bef83d11dd7659b283768a0375222e95be74bd} vegan restaurant, all plant-based soul food!”

Soul food minus the animal products at Hungry Vegan.

13 E. Park Ave.

“A Savannah staple for vegetarians for 20 years! All vegetarian menu with lots of vegan items, or easily veganized items. We look forward to getting to the other side of this pandemic so that Savannah Veggies & Vegans can resume our monthly vegan pancake breakfasts here!”

5002 Paulsen St.

“Lots of vegan options, even has vegan cheese. Pre-COVID days, Savannah Veggies & Vegans held monthly meetups here and they would often create new vegan dishes for us!”