AGEWISE: A helping hand for caregivers | Local News

A portable stove or propane grill for cooking and an ample supply of fuel

A supply of matches kept in a waterproof container or butane lighter(s)

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A two-week supply of water, canned food, personal hygiene items, paper products and other non-perishable food items for each person (don’t forget to include a manual can/bottle opener, and eating/cooking utensils)

A two-week supply of pet food and other necessary items for your pet(s)

Baby items and toys, books, and games if young children may be with you

Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags

A change of clothing per person — seasonal clothing, rain gear, warm clothing

A three-week supply of any medication and contact lens supplies

A first-aid kit containing anti-bacterial hand cleaner or hand wipes, Band-Aids, gauze, tape, anti-bacterial wound ointment, pain/fever medication, hydrogen peroxide, a thermometer, nail clippers, tweezers, cold/allergy medicine, face masks, vinyl gloves, cold packs, and any other first aid items

As you become aware that bad weather is approaching you may want to have a full tank of gasoline in all vehicles and a separate filled gas can in the event you need emergency fuel. It’s also important to make sure your cell phone is charged in the event you lose power.