5 Lip smacking vegetarian recipes to satisfy the biggest foody in you

If you feel that you are out of your ideas of veg recipes, then here are some tasty and easy vegetarian recipes for you to satisfy your taste buds.

Easy and tasty vegetarian recipes

Are you out of your ideas for vegetarian recipes? Don’t worry, there is a plethora of different veg dishes that are equally tasty and delicious like any non veg recipes. From Indian to Chinese to Italian, we have jotted down some of the most lip smacking veg recipes to satisfy the biggest foody in you. Check out the recipes below.

One pot vegetarian meals

When you don’t have much time to cook foods, then one pot recipes help you the most to have a heavy meal. So, here are some delicious one pot veg meals that will save your time, curb your hunger pangs and make you feel fuller.


Veg Lasagna

Lasagna is one of the most popular and tastiest Italian dishes. So, here is the recipe of veg lasagna for all the vegetarians to indulge in this mouth watering dish. Check out the recipe below.


Veg hakka noodle

If you are a big fan of Chinese foods, then here is the recipe of veg hakka noodle to quench your thirst for Chinese dishes. It just needs 20 minutes to get prepared and contains all important veggies like carrot, capsicum etc.


Veg snacks

The above mentioned recipes are all for heavy full meals, but what about the snacks? Don’t worry, because there are some delicious veg snack recipes that you can easily make at your home to curb your sudden hunger pangs at snacking time. Check out the recipes below.


Pasta in creamy peri peri sauce

If you love to have pasta, then this recipe of pasta is just for you. The peri peri sauce in it makes the dish extra flavourful and tasty. The recipe is given below.


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