31 Kitchen Products From Walmart That Make Cooking Easy

Whether you’re cooking a roast or making homemade pasta, these genius kitchen products will make you wonder if it’s always been this easy to get your chef on.

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A black and silver digital air fryer oven so you can bake, brown, and crisp all your fave goodies, getting that delicious deep fried taste you crave without the extra oil.



Promising review: “I can’t believe I have lived so long without this! I hesitated to buy this because of the price. After owning it for a little over a month now, I would pay twice as much for it. It is that good! I use it at least twice a day. The air fryer cycle is great for frozen snacks like french fries, cheese sticks, chicken fingers, etc. Your food not only cooks thoroughly, but crisps as well. FYI: This would be great in a camper next summer. It is lightweight and totally portable. It would also be the perfect gift for a newlywed couple or a single person living in a small apartment. I would suggest that you have parchment paper for appetizers or vegetable roasting, etc., and a small oil mister or fine brush for lightly coating the air fryer basket.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $199


An innovative five-piece cutting board prep station set (from BuzzFeed’s Tasty collection) that comes equipped with a built-in garlic grater and removable trays that have embossed measuring marks. Can anything else in your kitchen truly *measure* up?


Promising review: “I’ve been cooking and utilizing what I had on hand in addition to my cutting board to stabilize and sort the ingredients. I feel as though I’ve received the best gift ever in this multifunctional cutting board set. Cutting, sorting, grating and measuring all from one device is a chef’s dream. Having this has enhanced my kitchen tools immensely. Especially since the trays stack and store directly onto the board. Dishwasher friendly.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $19.97


An amazing programmable pressure cooker featuring 12 pre-set functions and a dishwasher-safe cooking pot for preparing meals in a *fraction* of the time it takes your conventional oven. Imagine what you could do with all that extra free time.


Promising review: “Product arrived as described. It is easy to operate once you digest the manual. It is very quiet compared to the manual pressure cooker; it does not make any sound! It is pretty sturdy, like unbreakable. If you are still on the fence, jump in. It will be one of your best purchases/investments ever.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $59 (originally $73.99)


A 22-piece knife set that is easy to care for. Amazingly, these razor sharp beauties never require a sharpening block. They come with a classic woodgrain storage block to display on you counter, along with a set of five measuring spoons, three spatulas, and universal shears.


Promising review: “I used this set to cut bread, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, beets, squash, raw meat, cooked steak, and a multitude of other things. Overall, I must say that I was quite satisfied with their performance. The scissors that are included are also very sharp and work well cutting open packages, as well as more typical kitchen shear duties like cutting chicken joints or skin. Just don’t forget to thoroughly sanitize them after use like any other knife. The knife block is beautiful solid wood that is well-constructed. ” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $21.97 (originally $29.99)


A colorful two-piece baking dish and metal rack that is as lovely as it is useful. The rack allows you to easily serve up a casserole, mac and cheese, or bread pudding without having to set the dish on a hot pad or trivet.


Promising review: “Love it!!! Much nicer in person. Great look and quality. Used it tonight for our taco dinner. Made tacos seem fancy!!” —Tasha

Price: $21.59


A Ninja professional1,000-watt blender to give you true ice-crushing power and efficiency in the kitchen whether you’re making a breakfast smoothie, shake, or even whipping up a margarita.


Promising review: “The Ninja rocks. I purchased a cheaper blender before this one and returned it. The Ninja will power through frozen bananas like a boss. I can walk away from it while it is turning my frozen items into a smoothie and it stays put. And it holds a lot in the large pitcher. I am very happy!” —Rebecca

Price: $79


A deluxe tilt-head stand mixer that makes up to eight dozen cookies in a single batch (baking fans, get excited). It’s got 10 optimized speeds, a polished stainless-steel bowl with handles, and a special design that keeps the beater-to-bowl contact close and efficient during operation.


Promising review: “I bought this three weeks ago and love it! I’ve already begun making bread and cookies. It’s a machine every home cook should have in their kitchen.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $369.99


A sturdy black oval roaster featuring an exterior that absorbs your oven’s energy so your food is evenly cooked and absolutely *no one* at the table will complain about the chicken being too dry.


Promising review: “This roaster is perfect. My family is going to love nutritious and delicious turkey, ham, and roast dinners I will make in this. I am so happy I found this pan!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $14.76 (originally $37.35)


A smokeless indoor grill with a nonstick surface, tempered glass lid, and a turbo-speed smoke extractor so you can BBQ any time of the year (it’s basically like a forever summer). Just plug it in, power it up, and feel like a Master Chef.


Promising review: “I just purchased this the other night because I wanted a steak, but didn’t want to light the charcoal grill. I am absolutely hooked!!! When it says smokeless, this thing is smokeless!!! My steak came out absolutely perfect and full of flavor. Nice size grill capable of cooking more than one steak. I love that it has a glass lid. It cuts down on the constant lifting to see how your steak is coming along. I love the temperature dial; makes it easy to adjust the heat. If you’re looking for an indoor grill, this is the one!” —Patty

Price: $89.99


An all-in-one coffee and espresso machine because you deserve to save big money when getting in your daily caffeine fix by making all the most delicious cafe drinks from the comfort of your kitchen.


Promising review: “The whole family has been enjoying this machine. The instructions are clear so it was easy to use right out of the box. I use this for my regular cup of coffee every morning and my teen has had fun making her own lattes and cappuccinos. Easy cleanup is a plus. Beautiful machine to leave out on your counter.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $229.95 (originally $349.95)


A fast one-touch electric coffee grinder ideal for making that mouthwatering bag of fancy whole beans you’ve been saving for a special day.


Promising review: “A perfect fit for me! Just the right size to fit into my coffee station area, I love the short cord which is very easy to hide behind the product itself. The grinding process is quiet, quick, under 10 seconds for my preference. Very easy on and off top, which is a nice snug fit for no grounds leaking out. The price was also a perfect fit, very reasonable for this quality grinder.” —Azalea

Price: $15.44 (originally $18.94)


A space-saving, retro-style microwave that offers a variety of choices and power levels for completing even the most simple of cooking tasks…including making popcorn, of course. Plus it looks so cute on your countertop.


Promising review: “The clock is easy to set and the buttons are easy to figure out even without reading the manual. It is much faster than my old microwave and I am enjoying the smaller size. I’ve used it consistently since my purchase and am totally happy that I bought this particular microwave!!!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $59.89 (available in two colors)


A dual-speed, easy-to-clean juicer to extract all those healthy nutrients, minerals, and vitamins from your favorite fruits and veggies, be it a soft watermelon or sturdy carrot.


Promising review: “I truly needed a great juicer so that my family and I could be healthier. This juicer exceeds all my needs. It was a fabulous purchase.” —Mary

Price: $59.85


A nonstick saucepan with an awesome straining lid and a titanium nonstick interior which means this beauty will last you *forever.* Forget about messes and hot spots with this one.


Promising review: “A very nice piece of cookware. I like the cool touch handle and knob on the lid. The steam vent on the lid is very much appreciated, as well. It preforms very well.” —Mary

Price: $19.87


An instant-read food and meat thermometer for when you’re craving high-quality steaks and chicken breasts that taste like the winning meals served up on Chopped.


Promising review: “Best tester I’ve had. Very quick to read out and accurate. Nicely compact and I love the magnets on the back as I never have to look for it. Highly recommend it.” —Carol

Price: $13.99 (originally $19.99)


A dishwasher-safe 21-piece kitchen utensils set that comes with its own convenient (and adorable) little organizer caddy to save you major counter space. Never lose that one slotted spoon again.


Promising review: “The storage caddy is a huge help for a variety of kitchen tools. it is nice to have all items in one place.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $9.97


A rotating waffle maker with dual cooking plates just like the ones they have at the best hotel breakfast buffets. Serve it up Belgian style.


Promising review: “Whoever invented these double-flip waffle makers needs a medal. Not only does this cook two at a time, it cooks them to perfection. The machine comes with a drip tray which is smart and the actual batter trays are pretty deep so they almost look like Belgian style which I love. If you want a reliable waffle maker that cooks two perfect waffles at a time I highly recommend this.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $35.92 (originally $44.29)


A handheld grater and microplane that glides oh-so-smoothly over that block of Gouda you’ve been meaning to finely shred. The stainless-steel blades are corrosion-resistant *and* laser-etched for precision.


Promising review: “The soft grip handle feels so sturdy and comfortable in your hand and doesn’t slip when using. The size is so perfect for large or small batches of grated foods. What I really love about this handheld grater is you have two different sizes of stainless steel cutting surfaces which gives you the option of the size of grating you want for your food. These blades are very sharp, making it perfect for all my grating needs. I first tried the grater on some lemons from my lemon tree. Whether I’m grating potatoes, carrots, chocolate, or even the softest of cheeses, it’s so easy to use and grates them perfectly. I was so impressed at the fact that there is no bending or flexing of the grater when grating. Nice and sturdy!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $7.97 (available in two colors)


A vibrant floral colander so you can strain spaghetti or berries in style. The enameled steel easily resists stains and adds a pop of vibrant color to your kitchen, especially if you need something pretty to store your fruits and veg in.


Promising review: “This is a great colander that serves its purposes well when you are washing fruits and veggies. I’ve also used it to run pasta under cold water. It works well then too. I really like the sturdiness of the metal as well as the flower pattern design. The stand is very handy when trying to let water drip through. All in all, this is a great addition to my kitchen.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $19.76 (available in two colors)


An elegantly designed digital multifunction food scale built with the latest generation in sensor technology to ensure accurate, immediate reads. You’ll feel like you’re back doing experiments in chemistry class, only it’ll be 100x more fun and tasty.


Promising review: “This is an awesome little scale. I like that you can weigh things in different units and it is very easy to use. This was my first scale and I think I made a great purchase. Definitely recommend.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $10.91+ (originally $19.79+, available in seven colors)


An easy-to-assemble eight-cup food processor for all of your chopping, shredding, and slicing needs. Quickly make a batch of nut butter, salsa, hummus…the possibilities are endless!


Promising review: “Perfect so far. Used about five times. Does a nice job. Easy to assemble, use and clean.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $29.92 (originally $35.99)


A large slow cooker perfect for those big family dinner nights when everyone is clamoring for your famous lasagna. Simple to clean and store, this must-have gets you great-tasting results with minimal effort.


Promising review: “I love this item. It cuts down the time I spend on watching my stove. I just put my ingredients in and relax. It’s great for cooking for a large family. Worth the money.” —Patricia

Price: $19.96


A hot air popcorn popper for that fresh, delicious movie theater taste without having to spend an arm and a leg at your local cinema.


Promising review: “We got this air popper to replace our old one. I really like that it has all the information you need on the machine itself (how much popcorn to put in, including cup measurement info if you are not using the scoop). Cord storage spot is a nice bonus too. Those are both features our old popper didn’t have.” —Alicia

Price: $22.90 (originally $29.99, available in three colors)


A perfect egg maker with dishwasher safe parts that cooks up to 14 easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs every single time. How very egg-cellent.


Promising review: “Should have bought this egg maker years ago! Really enjoy stuffed eggs but never could manage to keep all the egg halves whole after boiling on stovetop. All halves cut perfectly now that I use my new egg maker. The yolks are the most beautiful yellow for the first time ever! Based on how perfectly the hard boiled eggs came out, I don’t think I will be disappointed with how the omelets/poached eggs will cook.” —Najo

Price: $14.88


A pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet because, let’s face it, things just taste infinitely *better* when cooked on cast-iron that’s well taken care of.


Promising review: “I love this pan, it’s great! I use it for almost everything and I use it every day. It’s easy to clean, cooks evenly and I love it so much. I have two of this size and two in the bigger size!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $24.90 (originally $39.50)


A Mr. Coffee iced tea and iced coffee maker designed for those who appreciate a well-formulated cold beverage. Simply add loose-leaf or bagged tea in the brew basket (or fresh coffee grounds) and ice in the pitcher.


Promising review: “We just used this for the first time today with success. It is very simple to use. The instructions tell you exactly what to do and this product does not require a lot of space. You will have fresh tea in under 30 minutes. Getting it just right is something each person will have to play with. I definitely recommend and hope it lasts a long time.” —Michelle

Price: $19.94


A cordless electric wine bottle opener complete with a stainless steel spring so you can pop open your favorite bottle of dessert or cooking wine faster than anyone can say “pinot grigio.”


Promising review: “I love how the color light is blue as you’re taking the cork off and red when you’re discarding it. It’s ready to charge and the foil cutter snaps on conveniently and out of place. No bulky stand to keep it on. Compact and easy to put near the wineglasses when done.” —Karen

Price: $21.98 (originally $45.99)


A matte black two-slice touchscreen toaster by Drew Barrymore made with long-lasting steel accents and a cool touch-activated display that deserves its own Instagram.


Promising review: “I just love Drew Barrymore and her new sleek line of appliances. I love my toaster. It looks nice on my counter since it is all black and displays nothing until you turn it on. Once it’s on, it shows the start button and once it’s pushed, all the toaster displays will appear to start you up. So innovative and definitely trendy. I love that once you are done the toaster goes back to black and all you see is the gold B. It cooks great and is so easy to use. It can be used for bagels too, which is so nice because most toasters don’t accommodate for bagels. I highly recommend Drew’s line.” —Ramilia

Price: $39.96 (available in two colors)


A 16-jar revolving chrome spice rack including an assortment of all the best premium spices so you can easily access what you need when it’s thyme to cook.


Promising review: “I really love this spice rack! I have probably been through at least eight other ones over the last 10 years and I have to say this one is absolutely perfect! It is a perfect size so it fits nicely on your counter and will fit in a corner as well. It comes with a very nice variety of spices that are fresh and taste great. I love that it also spins for easy access. It is a nice looking shiny silver and a perfect addition to my new kitchen!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $19.97


An airtight, leakproof, rectangular food storage container featuring a unique four-hinge locking system for freshness that lasts longer. Meal prep has never been such a breeze.


Promising review: “I can always tell a good storage container by putting spaghetti sauce in it and then washing it in the dishwasher. This one left no red sauce residue on it. The snap lid holds the sauce upside down without leaking; very stylish and washes terrifically. Love the clear container so you can see what’s inside. This container is better than glass as it is lighter. Would definitely purchase more.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $7.99 (originally $13)


A dual-sided peeler with two sharp blades — one side is ideal for soft-skinned produce like tomatoes and the other for firmer veggies and fruits like apples. Impress your entire dinner party with some julienne carrots.


Promising review: “I really like this product. It’s simple, yet works so nicely. It’s really easy to peel things like potatoes, apples, etc. It comes in handy in the kitchen. I really enjoy using this product and it makes things a lot easier to peel. I recommend this!!” —Naya

Price: $4.56

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