20 Best Stuffed Burger Recipes

Let’s talk delicious burgers. More specifically, let’s talk mouth-watering cheeseburgers that are stuffed with all the goodies you can imagine: cheese, more cheese, pizza toppings, tortilla chips, chili sauce, BBQ sauce, bacon… seriously you can stuff a burger with just about anything and it only gets better.

These 20 best stuffed burger recipes will impress your guests to much, they’ll be begging for the recipes. And you can switch up the burger meat, just like you can switch up the burger stuffing. Whether your burgers are made from beef, pork, chicken or even lamb, you can—and should—stuff them.

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Best Stuffed Burger Ideas

While stuffed burgers have become more creative over the years, with versions such as Meat Lover’s Stuffed Pizza Burgers, and Tomato Basil Stuffed Burgers, they go back as far as the 1950’s with the “original” stuffed burger called the “Juicy Lucy,” which is when cheese was added inside the burger rather than on top.

There is also some debate across the internet as to what defines a stuffed burger.

Some say a cheesy filling has to be oozing from the center, while others state that if the burger mixture itself has stir-ins, it is considered stuffed. A good example of that kind of stuffed burger is the Pesto Mozzarella Burger, where pesto is stirred into the meat before the patties are formed.

Stuffed burgers have been so popular, even Gwyneth Paltrow has discussed her love of a good Stuffed Turkey Burger!

There’s plenty of time left in summer to grill your way through this entire collection of flavor-packed burgers. The only question is—which combination will you devour first?

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